Do you have a goal to finish a first Olympic distance triathlon?

Or are you an experienced athlete returning to triathlon after a break?

Capture What You Want To Achieve With Free Goal Setting Canvases

It’s the season to think about new dreams to fulfill and challenges to accept for year ahead. Get these free canvases to help you plan:  

Dreams and Goals:  Capture your high level dreams, vision, and mission/purpose and map to concrete goals.

Gap Analysis:  A quick evaluation on where you are compared to your new goals.


What’s Better Than Motivation?

When it comes to embracing a mindset for achieving medium- to long-term goals, professionals don’t rely on motivation; they commit. The chance that you will be sufficiently and consistently motivated at the same time as when you need to cook the nutritious meal, do that workout that you need but…

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Should You Tell People Your Goals?

Should You Tell People Your Goals? The topic of talking about your goals became fashionable in recent years following an excellent TED Talk by Derek Sivers. Sivers’ message was that you shouldn’t tell people your goals because you subconsciously will feel that you’ve already achieved something by communicating, then lose…

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The Importance of Having Both Dreams and Goals

The Importance of Dreams One great habit of many athletes is the drive to create a list of ambitious goals for the upcoming season(s). Having specific targets makes the work of strategic planning to get to daily and weekly actions much easier. One request I have for you at least…

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About Scott Herrick

Scott is a coach, author, endurance athlete, and works full time as a leader in digital transformation and change management. 

Scott is a CSCS® (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) from the NSCA and a IRONMAN Certified Coach.  He also has a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University.

He has been a triathlete since 1993 and has since completed multiple IRONMANs, marathons and shorter distance events.

He lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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