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Hi There.

Welcome to the downloads library.

Here you can grab templates to help you plan your goals and execute your days and weeks.


iPad with the goals canvas loaded and written on

Goal Setting Canvases

Dreams and Goals Canvas

This canvas is a great first step in your planning to help capture your goals and link them to your higher-level dreams, identities, purpose, or whys.

I have also created two short posts to help you get started:

Gap To Goals Canvas

Before doing a deep-dive profile with history, and analysis, it’s useful to make a quick check on where you (or your athletes) are today compared to the goals created.  

Race Planning

Race Day Plan For Triathlon

Map out your pacing, nutrition, timing, and other race day notes. 

Race Week Plan

Capture important event dates & times as well as your own logistics, training, and nutrition in the days leading up to your race.  

Strength Canvases

Strength Training Log

Consistency and progress are key elements of strength training.  Use this log to visualize where you are and how you will get stronger.

thumbnail of a strength training log template

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