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Canvases For Each Planning Step

GROWL—Plan With Conviction

SWEAT—Execute Your Strategy

EVOLVE—Become A Better Animal

  • Step 7:  Review & Adapt (coming soon)

Step 1:  Goals—Get Clear On What You Want

Dreams and Goals Canvas

This canvas is a great first step in your planning to help capture your goals and link them to your higher-level dreams, identities, purpose, or whys.

I have also created two short posts to help you get started:

canvas for setting goals

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Step 2: Analyze Yourself & Your Ecosystem

Gap To Goals Canvas

Before doing a deep-dive profile with history, and analysis, it’s useful to make a quick check on where you (or your athletes) are today compared to the goals created.  

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More analysis canvases to come….

Step 3: Analyze Your Options

Stay tuned. Future canvases to come….

Step 4: Strategy—Decide How You Will Win

Stay tuned. Future canvases to come….

Step 5: Design Your Weeks and Days

Stay tuned. Future canvases to come….

Step 6: Do The Work—Stress & Recover

Race Day Plan for Triathlon

Map out your pacing, nutrition, timing, and other race day notes.

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Step 7: Reflect & Adjust

Stay tuned. Future canvases to come….