Beginner Triathlon Plan for Olympic Distance

14 Weeks


Whether you’re a complete novice to triathlon or an experienced athlete coming back from a layoff, this plan will get you ready to comfortably finish an Olympic distance triathlon and become a Better Animal.

We will guide you to steadily build fitness as well as cover equipment, logistics, and nutrition needed to complete the distance of: 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, and 10km Run. 

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thumbnail of a sample training week
Sample Training Week Format
a group of women swimming in a triathlon in open water

Training Days & Hours

  • Weekly hours start at just under 5 hours (including strength) and builds to just over 7 hours  
  • 6 days per week + 1 rest day
  • 4 days have 1 workout, and 2 days have 2 workouts to include a short strength session

Starting Fitness

Recommended minimum capabilities to start:

  • Swim:  Able to swim for about 30 minutes total time and about 300m without stopping using freestyle stroke
  • Bike:  Able to bike for about 45 min of steady pedaling (indoor or outdoor)
  • Run:  Able to run easy for about 30-40 minutes/5km without stopping
  • Training days per week:  You are consistently doing some endurance training 1-3 days per week or have a strong endurance background

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