Project 2025 Goals

“I used to….”

—Middle-Aged Men, Worldwide

I spent the 1990s and 2000s in peak health and having fun in the age group triathlon pack.  Then after my last IRONMAN in 2009 I felt burned out balancing even moderate training hours with a career, and just having a life. Weekly training plans felt like another burden in the calendar, and no longer fun. 

I’ve now taken the last 15 years off off except for some random running, hiking, and skiing, and while it was an enjoyable break, I have added more than a few pounds and have picked up too many sedentary habits.

I’m in my early 50s and I need to start paying attention again.  It’s time to drop the fat, rebuild my fitness, and along the journey, put in place long-term whole-body health habits.  And have fun with sport again.  

I’m giving myself 18 months to get it all done and—
Build the Healthy Middle Age Man.

“You get the first 40 years free and then you have to pay attention. Whatever you do at 40 determines what you can do at 80 and beyond.”

—Lew Hollander, age 93. Nano-physicist and once the world’s oldest Ironman finisher with over 2,000 race finishes, 70 IM finishes, with a first IRONMAN at age 55

Two Major Themes for Project 2025

As of April 2024, I’m 80 lbs/36 kgs over my target weight. Daily mojo has definitely decreased, training sessions are frustrating, and my blood pressure has crept up.  Not only do I need to restore a baseline of good health and fitness, but I also need to setup practices to keep me running well for the next 30-40 years.

Goal #1:  Lose 75+ lbs of fat 
Bring basic biomarkers back into “excellent” status.

Goal #2:  Execute great daily habits
Consistent execution of quality nutrition, hydration, daily activity, strength and endurance training, mobility, and sleep.

Goal #3:  Pass the Navy SEAL fitness test
This will be a great way to test overall fitness with back-to-back tests in: swimming, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and running.

Theme #1: Restore Health & Fitness

Theme #2: Return to the Races

I’ve raced distances from 5K to IRONMAN, but likely never to my potential due to inconsistent training frequency and from executing just enough volume to get comfortably through the distance while having fun. 

I don’t expect to reach levels of performance that would have been possible 20 years ago, but I think I can beat some of my previous PRs.

Goal #4:  Sub 40:00 10k
Recent results were in the 55 minute range with a PR of 40:30 (25 years ago).  

Goal #5:  Return to Triathlon in 2025
After a 15 year absence, I’ll start with Züri Triathlon in June with other races TBD.

Dreams and Goals Canvas

Consolidating the goals on one page below, I can visually see all my aspirations together as well as prioritize them.  The ranking will help later in the year when life constraints force me to compromise and direct my limited energy to my most important goals.

A canvas/template of Scott's goals for 2025

So why are the Goals listed but the Dreams redacted?  I believe it’s important to separate Dreams from Goals–I wrote a couple posts about why you might want to make your Goals public and keeps Dreams private.